Saturday, January 4, 2014

Getting Started

Writing this post gave me a flash back to the episode of 7th Heaven where Lucy gives her first sermon. She doesn't see that she has a whole life time to get all the points across that she wants to make and tries to cover it all in one sermon. The people listening to her got confused, no one understood the point she was trying to make and because of this her sermon was unsuccessful.
But I am not a preacher, this is not a sermon. This is a blog post. But all the same, I do not want to confuse you. Or myself, which is easy to do these days.

Who Am I?
I am a 32 year old mama living on the far reaches of Southeast Portland, Oregon. I have two children, a dog, three cats and a fish tank full of guppies and an assassin snail I have named Sneaky McStabbypants.

I have a bachelors degree in graphic design from the Pacific Northwest College of Art, a certification in phlebotomy, a passion for making, a lazy streak, a crazy streak, and sometimes I speak before I think and piss people off. I stay at home with the kids and pretend that I can keep up on the housework in between chasing down a daredevil 16 month old and keeping her out of trouble and keeping the 3 year old from tackling the dog.

I love simple food, complicated cupcakes, coffee and carbonated water. I love yarn, wire, beads and paper.  I dislike fish, pork, bell peppers and diet sodas. I hate fashion, make up and insects.
I take lots of pictures of everything around me.

Why should I write a blog?
I tried blogging once, but it was at a time when I was new to motherhood and every single thing was scary, my baby was terrifyingly strange to me and I knew nothing about what I was doing. I still know nothing about what I am doing, but at least I can do it with style and less whining.

To me, this is a place to write about what I am working on, the latest challenge and bright points of motherhood, the joy of finishing a project, the burnt bottoms of my bread rolls and to hopefully find others to communicate with about all of these things.

I am bad at making friends in person, maybe because I tend to over-share on some things and I have a bad habit of interrupting people (I'm working on that!), but behind my screen I can open up and share with the added bonus of being able to edit things before I say them. Plus I can not interrupt anyone on the internet! Hah!

Things about me you should know
I have suffered from depression of one sort or another for a long time now. I have what my therapist calls "Situational Anxiety" which might be why I over share in a desperate attempt to connect to people on some level. At least in a blog a certain level of over sharing is expected.

I am not on medication for my issues. I control them through positive thinking, choosing happiness, sheer determination and a desire to not let my issues be reasons for not enjoying life how I want to enjoy it.

I am overweight. Fat. Chubby. Chunky. Whatever the hell you want to call it, I am. I am learning to love the body I am in and take good care of it. I have my limitations, both physical and mental, but I am a good, beautiful person, I just happen to be good and beautiful a little bigger than society thinks is normal.

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