Sunday, October 5, 2014

Celebrating Fall

Summer was a whirlwind of insanity. A never ending parade of chaos and whining and sweaty kids demanding hugs and difficult bed times because the sun was still awake.

And then Fall crept in like a beautiful tiger of red and gold and brown. Darkness comes just in time for bed time, the days are finally cooling off, knitting is even more of a joy because now holding warm yarn is nice and comfy.

So we decided to celebrate Fall.

 We colored in two sheets of cardstock with all the crayons of Autumn colors. Reds and oranges and greens and yellow and brown.
Then, while the kids put the crayons away I used a paper punch to make a bunch of hearts. I wanted leaves, but I didn't have a leaf punch and wasn't about to interrupt a lazy Saturday to go buy one.

 While they looked at the hearts I quickly cut out two trees from scrap book paper I had in the closet. I could have drawn trees, but this seemed like fun. I glued it down and set them to work putting their leaves on the trees. We tried glue sticks, but a dot of white glue worked out better for us.

I think it went pretty well!
 And I sure love the end result!

I've been knitting like crazy too. So much I have been wanting to make! I finished a shawl this summer that I need to get some pictures of, and a blanket for my cousin that I need to ship and a HUGE white blanket for a friend along with many other small projects in between.

 Also I will have to post an update soon when I get my sweater for Liam finished. It is my first time knitting clothing other than hats or scarves or that cape for Evie.

All in all, YAY for Fall! We are so happy to have it here!