Friday, January 10, 2014

Meet The Family

I debated giving my children nicknames to be used online. Captain Crazy and Princess Puddles, Sir Whines-a-lot and Duchess Droopydrawers, Prince Goober and Queen Climbs-everything-and-scares-the-crap-out-of-me... but I decided that since they each have their own photo blog with their first names in it (for all of our out of state family to keep up on what they are doing), that I may as well use their given names.

Liam is 3.5. He goes to a Montessori school, he loves superheroes, pirates and animals.

Evie is 16 months old. She loves tutus, cars and climbing. She also might have a sleep disorder, which we are working on diagnosing. More on that in another post later on.

Nym is our Mini Aussie from Hilltop Aussies, she is 2.5 years old. She loves bacon, stealing food from the high chair and sleeping on the couch. Her patience and devotion to "her babies" is wonderful to see.

Katchoo is our oldest kitty at 12 years old, she loves pizza crust, licking butter and sleeping on my butt when I am in bed.

Tulip is the middle kitty at 11 years, she loves clean laundry to sleep in and a few pets once a week if the stars have aligned properly

Johnny Rotten is the youngest kitty at 5 years old, he loves sleeping at my feet and clawing me if I happen to move in my sleep. His nickname is Claws of Fury


Our fish tank is full of guppies and snails. The kids love watching the fish and it helps give Liam a calm point to focus on when he is in need of calming down. Sadly, it is nearly impossible to take a good picture of a fish tank for me! Maybe another time I will have one.

The Husband is my guy. He does the things I can not do, like climb up on the roof, or chop a ton of mushrooms in 3 seconds. He mows the lawn with the scary lawn mower and carries all the heavy things. He is a chef, but of course rarely cooks at home. Thankfully he puts up with my cooking and helps me figure out meals.

And I guess I should put up a picture of me. Since this whole thing is all about me. I am always the one taking pictures, rarely in them.

And that is our little family in our little blue house. Now you will know who I am talking about.

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