Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Deri's Gift

I recently finished a gift for someone very special to me. My friend Jessica and I have a unique friendship. We met online in World of Warcraft. Her toon's name was shortened to Deri, and mine to Auri, so we still call each other by those names when we talk on the phone sometimes. We knew each other for about a year before we ever met in person, and that was only after I drove across the country to see her.

Her husband Andrew is one of the sweetest, strongest and kindest men I have ever met and Jessica is just about the best person I could ever imagine knowing. They welcomed a son into their family a few years ago and I had made him a blanket long before he was even conceived because I knew they wanted babies. Now, their second son is due any moment now and I just finished a little gift box for him.

I made the 10 stitch blanket for him in Berrocco's Comfort DK in the colorway Balance Beam. Then, I had so much yarn left over that I made booties, and then I felt it needed one more thing so I whipped out a little doll called Knubbelchen.

The blanket was a lot of fun to make, though I must admit it got a bit tedious as it grew and the edges seemed to take forever. It was a fun project to take with me places to work on and it got a lot of compliments and comments.

The booties were very simple and quick, I would like to make a few more of those in other colors some time and maybe tweak the pattern a little bit.


And the Knubbelchen I am just in love with. It is the most adorable little doll and I can not wait to make more of them to give to other babies I know!!!

I hope that I can get out to the post office soon. I should be able to do that tomorrow. Even if the package is a bit late, I am sure she won't mind!

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