Monday, April 21, 2014

The Easter Bunny Lays Fish Eggs

We drove down to Grants Pass, Oregon for Easter this year. It seemed like a good idea to spend it with my dad and my step mom at their house there.

The kiddos did pretty well on the car ride out there. We left at 7am and made it there around noon. We had to stop twice at stores to get food once and then get a new cord to charge my phone with after the one I had decided it didn't want to work any longer.

The first day was nice, we made hamburgers at home after a quick trip to the store. Liam got a big lego plane and Evie got some megablocks to help keep them amused. I even got my dad to watch Frozen with us in the evening.

The next day we tried to go to an egg hunt at a local winery. This was a bad idea. The web site promised pony rides and an egg hunt and a bounce house.

There was an egg hunt that consisted of maaaybe 100 eggs for over 75 children. And they had the big kids in the garden at the same time as the little kids! The big kids took all the eggs that were easy to see and left nothing for the little ones. The parents were bad too, one lady saw Liam reaching for an egg and she snatched it away right out from under his hand. I was so angry! To top it all off, there was no sign of ponies or bounce houses anywhere. We left quickly. Our ten dollar admission fee paid for two mini plastic eggs with a single Hershey Kiss in each, one lollipop, and a five minute walk in a small flower garden overrun by kids crying that they hadn't gotten an egg while the 12+ crowd whined that they only had ten eggs.

You can be sure that I will not be making THAT mistake again!

But after deciding NOT to say something at the time and let my temper cool before writing them a nasty-gram for poor planning and not delivering promised things and overcharging for what they did provide, we went home and I stuffed some plastic eggs with candy and "hid" them in the yard. Liam had a fun time finding them and Evie got help from her Grandma Kathy. They stuffed themselves with chocolate and then rampaged around the house all afternoon with their little toys from Grandma

We had dinner, tried to go out for ice cream and discovered that the melting point for Liam was discovering that his Spiderman ice cream from Baskin Robbins didn't taste any different than normal vanilla ice cream and that he didn't like it. He had a full on tantrum in the store and I took him to go sit in the car while Evie stayed with Grandma and Grandpa to finish her non-allergen filled frozen treat. She still can't have milk!

In the morning we got dressed up all fancy and took some pictures and put out the last of the eggs. Since both kiddos love fish and all things from the ocean I bought some ocean creature themes plastic eggs. Liam found the first one and exclaimed loudly, "The Easter Bunny came and laid FISH EGGS!"

I made the mistake of doing pictures AFTER they found eggs, so all I got were pictures of them looking at their eggs!

Evie learned a new word, bucket, which she says as "buckie".

The drive home was ok for the first 4 hours, but the last hour was a nightmare! It was too close to home to want to stop and let them run, but far enough that they were super mad. They just wanted to be home and I knew that stopping somewhere would be too hard on them when it came time to get back into the car.

Finally we made it home and got everything unpacked and washed the cherry juice off of the blankets Liam spilled it on in the car, ordered a pizza and watched MythBusters until it was bed time.

This morning Liam asked for chocolate for breakfast. It would have been funny if not for the tantrum that happened when I said no!

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