Saturday, February 22, 2014

The Knitting Group

A while ago I joined a knitting group at my local yarn shop, Littlelamb and Ewe. I was kinda scared about meeting the people there. I am new to knitting, I can't always afford the yarn from the shop, and that whole thing about being anxious about being around people.

The first day there were so many people, but less than half an hour after arriving there was a conversation not worth repeating, but memorable. It involved... how shall I say it... objects used for happy fun fun naughty time. I blurted out "Well at least I know I didn't find a group of boring people!"

I got laughs, I got included in the conversation. I made friends.

Friends. Real ones. Two who came out of their office to say Hi when I walked by the window, and one who's home I visited yesterday. She wanted to borrow a non-knitting related item and while we were there my children WRECKED her house. No really. They did.

We came in and within moments Evie, Liam and her son were out on the back patio. Evie was digging up her planter pots of dirt. Evie tracked dirt inside. Liam came inside and had an accident. So now my daughter has made dirt piles, and my son has peed. I got him cleaned up and she loaned me some pants. I got Evie and Liam undirted and Liam dragged out the bin of tub toys from their bathroom. So now there is soapy tub water from the toys and its being rubbed on her carpet.

Evie then got into the paint from her sons art project.

THIS much paint.

She laughed through it all, but I feel like I owe her a playdate at my house where I clean up the mess. Which I would totally love to do!!!

I am so glad that I took the leap and joined the group. For two hours once a week I am in a room full of couches with people who have at least ONE thing in common with me. We play with yarn.

We are all a little bit crazy. In a good way!

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